Monday, 13 May 2013

Welsh Harp petition presented but still (just) time to object

Outside the Town Hall this morning
Supporters of Save Our Welsh Harp including residents and councillors from Brent and Barnet, and environmentalists and community activists, presented a petition of more than 850 signatories to Barnet Council this morning, opposing the proposed 'skyscraper city' on the banks of the Welsh Harp at West Hendon.

There is still time to put in a submission by tomorrow's 4.30pm deadline:(NB amended from previous posting in light of further infromation)

See the Brent Planners' submission (right) for ideas on what to say but also make it personal - what does this development mean to YOU? You need to give planning reasons  for why you object so do read the plans yourself. Also see pages on the left for additional information.
You should get an acknowledgement in the post from Barnet Planning. If nothing arrives after 14 days, please chase them!

Go to the Barnet Planning site LINK and type H/01054/13 into the Search Box. Make sure you give a name and postal address and email address to get an acknowledgement.

email the Barnet Planning Officer dealing with this application quoting the above reference number:  Make sure you give your name and postal address and email address to get an acknowledgement. 

The petition steps all the way to the Town Hall door

Cllr Roxanne Mashari (Brent lead member for Environment)hands in the petition
Summing it up
The bank of the Welsh Harp at West Hendon

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