Sunday, 5 May 2013

The West Hendon Barratt development in telling pictures

Barratt Homes' brochure for the 'Hendon Waterside' development casually obliterates the present West Hendon Estate - you can just see it submerged under the green 'open space':

 This is the Estate now:

This is 'Hendon Waterside' after development. The private development will be beside the water with uninterrupted views across the Welsh Harp to the undeveloped west bank. The social housing will be close to the  traffic and pollution of the A5.

Barratt homes are selling the view to prospective buyers for the 2 bedroomed £340,000 apartments in the present new block:

This is the existing block walkers on the west side of the Welsh Harp can  see. The next phase of the development will see four tower blocks of up to 29 storeys in addition.

To conclude here is the view of the development site  from Cool Oak Bridge taken yesterday with the above block on the far right. The proposed tower blocks are at least twice as high as this block.

A view of the proposed development:

It is likely that Barratt Homes have deliberately 'over-pitched' their planning application and have costed in a reduction in the height of the towers in response to planning feedback. By pitching high and allowing for a reduction of a few storeys they will still get very tall blocks in what is essentially a rural landscape. In the light of what we can see with the present 12 storey new build we should consider carefully what height and density would be appropriate.

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