Saturday, 13 July 2013

Brent Council Executive collectively object to West Hendon development

The Brent Council Executive has sent the following letter to the Barnet Planning Department:

Objection to proposed development of West Hendon Estate, NW9

We are writing to raise a collective objection to the proposed development of the West Hendon Estate in light of the second phase of consultation (Application No: 13/0938, filed on 2nd April 2013).

We have serious concerns that the height and density of the proposed development will have a devastating impact in the Welsh Harp’s rare ecology including the extensive areas of marshland that have earned the area the status of Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). The Welsh Harp is the only SSSI in Barnet or Brent and we believe that the maintenance of this status must be a primary consideration when considering any planning application in the area.  

We are also concerned that the local infrastructure is not designed to cope with such a large influx of residents and the substantial volume of extra traffic could bring the very narrow and picturesque Cool Oak Lane to a daily standstill. 

Brent Council planning officers have also identified issues around local parking capacity, adaption of bus lanes and the negative impact that such a large volume of additional foot traffic across a second footbridge would have on both the wildlife and public realm maintenance.

Therefore, due to the multiple detrimental effects that the proposed development would have on both local residents and rare wildlife, we continue to strongly object to the application.

Please take our objections into careful consideration during the deliberative process as part of your final determination.

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